SoilCares winner of CHANGE Award 2017

SoilCares (now part of AgroCares) has won the CHANGEAward 2017. It was awarded on April 4 during the annual CHANGE in Business Event in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

What is the CHANGE Award?

The event is organized by the NCD, the Dutch association of Commissioners and Directors (NCD). The CHANGE Award 2017 is awarded annually to companies that show what a real CHANGE in business actually stands for. The prize is only awarded to companies that have already won other innovation prizes. The winner of the prize may call himself a real change maker in doing business. That company truly shows that positivity, durability and entrepreneurship can actually go together.

Why was SoilCares chosen as winner?

SoilCares was chosen from over 70 companies and was nominated for the award together with 3 other companies. SoilCares won the award in 2017 because the precision technology that the company develops, has been applied successfully in several countries in the world. In addition, SoilCares technology contributes substantially to bridging the world food gap.