Our partners

AgroCares forms strategic alliances with value chain partners from all over the world.
Our partners can be found among service providers, input providers like fertilizer
industry and feed industry, governmental organizations, NGOs and food producers

See an overview of our partners and service providers in the map below.

See an overview of our partners in the map below.

Find our partners


Kenya, Fadhili Africa Ltd: www.fadhiliafrica.com

Tanzania, Life Support Systems Ltd: http://www.lssl.co.tz/

Uganda, Vida Verde Ltd


Malaysia, SASB: https://eetsb.com/

Myanmar, Awba: https://awba-group.com/

Sri Lanka, Sassrika Lanka: https://sassrikalanka.com/

Thailand, Listenfield: https://www.listenfield.com/


Georgia, Kalo: https://kalo.ge/

Hungary, Csernozjom: https://www.csernozjom.com

Poland, Analizy Gleb: https://www.analizygleb.com/

Turkey, Doktar,: https://www.doktar.com/en/

Ukraine, Drone: https://drone.ua/

North America

Canada, ATP Nutrition: https://atpag.com/

Are you interested in
becoming a local partner?​

Are you interested in
becoming a local partner?​