PlantAfrique becomes our first Scanner service provider in Ivory Coast

Our activities in Ivory Coast are taking a new turn!

Maeva Gauvrit, our International Business Developer, participated in the SARA fair in Abidjan this month along with a Dutch delegation. During the fair she discussed how SoilCares soil testing solutions can contribute to the sustainable development of Africa in both economic and environmental sense. The Scanner developed by SoilCares, which is now part of AgroCares, was officially launched at the fair. Our first service providers from PlantAfrique are already in the field testing soils with our Scanner!

Start of awareness campaign in early 2018

In order to accelerate the adoption of our revolutionary technologies, an awareness campaign will be launched in Ivory Coast in January 2018. As part of the campaign, 100 lucky farmers will get their fields tested and obtain the perfect crop management package (Seeds and Fertilisers) to demonstrate how good soil management impacts yields and crop quality.


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