Now available in Poland: soil analysis with AgroCares Lab-in-a-Box

AgroCares (formerly known as SoilCares) introduces together with local partner Blue Fifty a complete nutrient analysis of soils with the Lab-in-a-Box. The University of Krakow obtained the first Lab-in-a-Box in Poland, which is operational and ready for demonstration from September 17, 2018. The Lab-in-a-Box provides access to soil analysis services that until now only could be provided by wet-chemistry agricultural laboratories. In combination with AgroCares Scanner services, advisors, service providers and farmers can now fully analyze macro and micro nutrients in soils, but also monitor the macro nutrients and pH levels in soils whenever they want and wherever they want. The AgroCares Scanner has been introduced successfully by Blue Fifty on the Polish market since early spring 2018.

Bábolna Field Days

The sensor technology developed by AgroCares uses a global calibration database. In this database the electromagnetic spectrum of soil samples of a large part of the world is stored together with the chemical characteristics. AgroCares uses mid-infrared and XRF technology in the Lab-in-a-Box and near-infrared technology in the Scanner. Accessible via different applications (on a smartphone or laptop) the sensor’s calibration data are converted to the chemical characteristics of the soil. The Lab-in-a-Box and Scanner services make smart farming and soil fertility management in the field and during growing season possible.

Full demonstration

The Lab-in-a-Box at the University of Krakow is fully operational to analyse soil samples for Polish advisors or farmers. Blue Fifty invites agricultural companies to experience the benefits and opportunities this compact, on-site sensor laboratory has to offer. With the Lab-in-a-Box a complete soil analysis can be made on soil parameters like pH level, macro and micro nutrients, within only 2 hours. The Lab-in-a-Box can be operated after a technical training; no lab experience is needed. It will also be possible to demonstrate soil testing and monitoring using the AgroCares Scanner with the SoilCares Manager app.

About Blue Fifty

Blue Fifty is AgroCares’ representative in Poland. Blue Fifty specializes in the implementation of innovative technologies in environmental engineering and operates in three areas: water, soil and energy. Blue Fifty represent several international cutting edge technology companies and implements solutions that benefits both the end-users and the environment, while providing an interesting economic return. More information:

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