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New video series

Find the answers to your questions in AgroCares new video series called Whiteboard Wednesday. Every Wednesday a member of AgroCares’ team of experts will answer one of the frequently asked questions that we get from our clients in an easy-to-understand manner. In the short videos you can learn about collecting a soil sampling, soil testing, fertilization and much more.

Furthermore, the videos will also explain some important aspects of AgroCares technology and give you an insight into the specifics of AgroCares method of nutrient analysis.

The aim of this series is not only to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, but also to raise awareness about key issues such as the importance of soil testing and proper soil management.

The first video

In the first video of the series Dr. Christy van Beek, Chief Agronomist at AgroCares, explains how many soil samples need to be collected from a certain unit of land. You can watch this video here.

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