AgroCares partners with Aldea Foundation Nicaragua

Towards higher coffee yields and more sustainable farm management with our new Partner Aldea Foundation Nicaragua

Sustainable soil management

Coffee is one of the most valuable globally traded commodities and relies heavily on smallholder production worldwide. As a climate-sensitive perennial crop, coffee is very susceptible to changes in climate.  In order to secure the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers, sustainable soil management is one of the first crucial steps to make coffee less vulnerable to climate impacts and disease.

About Aldea:

AgroCares has been working in the coffee sector for several years with partners all over the world, and we are particularly proud of a partnership that we recently started with the Aldea Foundation in Nicaragua.  Association Aldea Global Jinotega is a coffee-producing organization that brings agronomic know-how, micro-credit, and marketing services to ensure profitability for their member growers.  These services are provided by their local team working closely with the growers through digitalization, and other commercial projects.  Together with strategic alliances with coffee cooperatives in Nicaragua, they service over 19,000 coffee growers.

AgroCares is happy to have another strong partner coming from the coffee sector and together with the Soil Scanner we will work towards higher and more sustainable coffee yields to help stabilize the economic situation for smallholder farmers.