AgroCares introduces the SoilCares Carbon Monitor Application

The new SoilCares Carbon Monitor app combined with the AgroCares Scanner provides on the spot analysis of Soil Organic Carbon and other parameters within 10 minutes. It is available worldwide for programs to easily calculate Soil Organic Carbon stocks and assess carbon sequestration. It enables all stakeholders to declare the amount of carbon credits that match with their sequestration efforts.

Application combined with the AgroCares Scanner

This new application is designed for quick assessments of key parameters directly in the field. It measures pH (water), Organic Carbon, and N total and collects general information on the field including its geolocation. These data are stored on an online portal and the reports can easily be extracted and shared, for example via WhatsApp or in Excel format.

An opportunity for Carbon impact makers

AgroCares solutions are unique and combine in the field, real-time soil testing, and online data management solutions. It can be used by organizations working on soil restoration, soil carbon sequestration, and soil health management and want to know the impact of their interventions.

Order the SoilCares Carbon Monitor Package online

You can now order the SoilCares Carbon Monitor package on our webshop for 4,600 euros. This includes the AgroCares handheld Scanner and a license key for the SoilCares Carbon Monitor app. The app is available for Android devices only and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. To use the app, you need to activate the license key. The license is valid for one year from the date of activation.


How does AgroCares technology work?

The sensor technology developed by AgroCares uses a global calibration database. In this database, the electromagnetic spectrum of soil samples of a large part of the world is stored together with the chemical characteristics. AgroCares Scanner uses infrared (NIR) sensor technology, converting the sensor’s calibration data to the chemical characteristics of the soil. This Scanner works with a smartphone with associated apps, which are constantly renewed and expanded.

Interested in a demo?

Are you interested in getting a demonstration of the AgroCares Scanner and SoilCares Carbon Monitor app? Contact us now!