Customer Story

Timac Agro Poland

Łukasz Peroń: “Farmers are happy with the service of getting soil analysis results and a fertilization recommendation in 1 day”

Timac Agro Polska has been operating on the Polish market for 60 years. It specializes in the production of liquid and granulated fertilizers. It introduces innovative solutions thanks to which farmers can enjoy better yields while taking an environment friendly approach. Timac Agro advises farmers from all over Poland on how to select the right fertilizer for their crops.

Moving towards innovation

Timac Agro Poland is located close to Poznan, but their area of activity covers the whole of Poland. They cooperate with farmers who have very different types of crops, from wheat, corn and oilseed rape to sugar beet, apples and berries. The area of cultivation is also diversified, as there are farmers from 5 ha, but also up to 3,500 ha. Until now, the company has carried out tests in a laboratory. Łukasz Peroń, Marketing Director at Timac Agro Polska: “We used a traditional laboratory for soil analysis. This was the only available method. Everyone knows it and trusts it, but the waiting time is much longer than with the Scanner.

Time plays an important role

Łukasz Peroń: “Of course, as a company we invest in new, proven technologies. In the Scanner, we like the fact that the soil test is very fast. In a few minutes we can already have a basic analysis and show the report to the farmer (or send it to him). On this basis we can advise farmers. The Scanner is also a very handy device. For the adviser, it is simple to use and easy to transport.”

Soil analysis in the farmer’s field

Timac Agro advisors meet the customers in person after the initial telephone call. During this meeting on the field, they can analyse the soil composition thanks to the Scanner. The company currently employs 115 advisors. They advise farmers on how to fill the nutritional gaps in their soil. At a farmer’s field, they can quickly analyse the nutrient content of the soil and show them the results within a few minutes. Thanks to the Scanner, you can generate a report on your phone while still in the field.

An innovative product on the Polish market

The Scanner appeared on the Polish market in the beginning of 2018. Timac Agro Poland was one of the first companies to use this modern technology. Marcin Wieremczuk, Product Manager of Timac Agro Poland and user of the Scanner: “Farmers are very curious about the Scanner as it is something new and only recently introduced on the market. Of course, there are also some farmers who are sceptical about it. For example, one farmer had their soil sample tested in a traditional laboratory and with the Scanner to compare the results. This is normal, some customers always want to check the results. Our experience does show that the Scanner results are very similar to a traditional analysis in wet chemistry laboratory.”

Advisors are better equipped to meet the customer

The Scanner is small and handy, so advisors can take it anywhere. Timac Agro values it because it makes the company stand out from competitors. Marcin Wieremczuk: “The added value for our customers is certainly that they can have their analyses and fertilization advice done on the same day. We can see that farmers are happy with this service.”

With the Scanner you can act faster

In contrast to a traditional laboratory, it is no longer necessary to wait for the test results. They are available onsite. By knowing what the soil needs, you can quickly select the right fertilizer and apply it at the right place on the field. In addition, thanks to the Scanner, it is possible to analyse the composition of the soil at all times, without the need for continuously sampling and sending the samples to the laboratory. Marcin Wieremczuk is satisfied with the AgroCares Scanner: “I recommend the Scanner for three reasons: it gives a very quick result of analysis, which is a real added value; it is a very handy and small device, easy to transport; and thirdly, anyone can use it after a very short training (doing 3 samples).”