Syngenta Ukraine uses AgroCares Scanners for precision farming

Last month Syngenta purchased 7 AgroCares Scanner Packages. Combined with the SoilCares Manager app they now provide farmers with on-the-spot soil analysis within 10 minutes. Seven technical advisers from Syngenta will be equipped with the Scanners and will implement this new soil testing solution right in the farmers’ fields.

Precision farming services as the future of agriculture

Nowadays, there is a clear trend for many product-oriented companies to shift towards offering services. This is a great way of expanding their portfolio and increasing customer retention. Syngenta Ukraine is one of those companies. At present, the company’s strategy focuses on offering precision farming services to farmers. In the last couple of years, Syngenta has added satellite images, drones and weather forecast services to their portfolio. With these services, the company aims to empower farmers and contribute to a sustainable, profitable, and prosperous future of farming.

Safe use of crop protection products by using the Scanner

Sygenta also realizes that healthy soil is crucial. Not only for achieving the planned target yield but also for the safe and efficient use of Syngenta’s crop protection products. If the soil is poor in texture or low in organic matter content, the crop protection products might leach into groundwater. The AgroCares Scanner is a perfect tool to monitor the soil status and maintain healthy soil. This is one more reason for Syngenta to start working with the AgroCares Scanner. By using the Scanner to maintain healthy soils, Syngenta can ensure the safe and efficient use of its products.

Future for soil testing solutions at Sygenta

Sygenta has a strong focus on adopting effective innovative solutions. With the current solutions Syngenta is using, they can already measure 14 macro and microelements in plants right in the field. However, for a full understanding of the situation, it is necessary to have a diagnostic tool for soil as well. The Scanner combined with the SoilCares manager app is a perfect solution to provide this information and add value to the services the company offers to clients.

Interested in soil testing?

Companies that are interested in getting their soil tested can contact Syngenta technical advisers for a soil test.