Successful soil profile demonstration at Hungarian field days

AgroCares Hungarian partner Csernozjom Kft. organized successful soil profile demonstration at agricultural field days. Csernozjom participated in the 3rd Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture Field Days and the Agricultural Machinery Show in Mezőfalva at the end of May. A record number of visitors (more than 20,000 people) attended the two field days. The opening ceremony speech was given by Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary and István Nagy, the Minister of Agriculture also attended.

Soil profile demonstration

Csernozjom organized a very successful soil profile demonstrationViktoria Dorka-Vona, CEO of Csernozjom and Hungarian representative of Agrocares: “Soil is still a black box that we have to open. I am amazed that one of the most popular attractions at the field day was the soil profile. We received so many questions about soil management, tillage, fertilization, soil sampling and more. Is this what is under our feet? Is this where our crops grow? It was great to not just talk about soil but also show it. It was clear that the processes of soil and soil itself are quite a mystery for some farmers, but we noticed an increasing curiosity and a desire for knowledge during these past two days.”

Soil lectures

The exhibition tent of Csernozjom and AgroCares was next to the 25 meters long soil profile where soil experts and specialists gave short lectures about soil interactions and possible effects of different agricultural measures and techniques on soil fertility and soil water management. Visitors could learn about the working depth of different agricultural machines and could take a look into the soil as they may have never done before. Csernozjom also had a meeting with representatives of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture and did a demo of the scanner for the consultants.

What is coming up?

Visitors came from all over Hungary and even from neighboring countries like Ukraine, Serbia and Slovakia. Csernozjom Kft will also show the soil profile on the next major agricultural events in Hungary, the Bábolna Farmers’ Day and Smart Farm Conference. These events are organized by Magyar Mezőgazdaság Kft. and Csernozjom Kft.