SoilCares starts Expert User Groups in three countries

Local partners Blue-Fifty and Csernozjom will personally deliver the Scanners to the first users.

SoilCares (now part of AgroCares) starts Expert User Groups in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. During the upcoming week 45 Soil Scanners will be distributed to our first Expert Users in these three countries. They will provide SoilCares with valuable feedback and insight to how the Scanner is used in practice.

Martin Dekker, International Business Manager at SoilCares: “The SoilCares Scanner service was launched in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine earlier this year. The hardware and database are ready for use. As we offer a completely new service on the market, we would like to see how people actually work with it in practice. That is why we set up this Expert User Group. We will focus on collecting feedback and getting a full understanding of the use of our products and services. The feedback will be also used to further develop our technology and expand our soil database.”

Why in these countries?

Martin Dekker: “We start with the Expert User Group in these three countries because of the high agricultural potential there. A lot of new developments are taking place in the agricultural sector in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine and there is a high demand for on-site soil monitoring tools.”

Photo: Bartłomiej Aniola from TIMAC AGRO receiving the SoilCares Scanner

On the photo (left to right): Krzysztof Potaczek (Blue-fifty), Bartłomiej Aniola (TIMAC AGRO), Hubert Herbus (Blue-fifty)

How does it work?

The user test starts at the end of March and runs until the end of May. The Scanner will be delivered to the expert group participants by our local partners in Poland (Blue-fifty) and in Hungary (Csernozjom). Sixteen Scanners will be distributed in Poland, 19 in Hungary and 10 in Ukraine. Along with the Scanner, the expert group will receive a license key allowing them to use SoilCares mobile app for the duration of the user test.

Providing training and support to get the best out of the Scanner

SoilCares’ local partners will provide a technical training to the Expert Group participants to ensure they make the best use of their Scanner. SoilCares will supply all the documentation and instructions needed to get started with the Scanner service and will also provide online support via Zendesk.

Would you like more information about our Scanner Packages in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine?

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