SoilCares serves as jury member in Accenture Innovation Awards 2017

SoilCares (now part of AgroCares) has been appointed as a member of the jury for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2017. Together with the rest of the jury SoilCares has to make a selection out of over 750 of the best innovations around. Last year SoilCares won the Accenture Innovation Award in the category ‘Fair Food’.

SoilCares delighted with last year’s award

Last year SoilCares was delighted to win the award. The jury praised the impact SoilCares can reach by improving yields of even small scale farmers, using the SoilCares scanner. Currently, a new round has started to select the new winner of the Accenture Innovation Award 2017 and SoilCares has been appointed as member of the jury.

Angelique van Helvoort about the impact of winning last years award: “Looking back at the past year, winning the Award has put SoilCares Scanner more in the spotlight and was a great recognition of what we have achieved so far. Specifically Accenture helped us to better define potential partners for SoilCares in East Africa.”

The SoilCares Scanner

The SoilCares Scanner is not only useful for small scale farmers in Kenya to have their soil tested; it is also a very reliable and easy way to collect digital soil fertility data of multiple fields and farmers, even from remote areas. Information and opportunities that are very beneficial for large companies who cooperate with many (small scale) farmers in remote areas.

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