SoilCares demonstrates benefits of spectroscopy for soil analysis in Ukraine

Ukrainian agricultural holdings submitted 180 soil samples for soil testing

SoilCares (now part of AgroCares) carries out a demonstration project in Ukraine, funded by the Dutch government. The project started last month in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. The aim of the project is to show to mid- and large scale agricultural enterprises the advantages of soil testing using sensor technology.

Faster and more affordable soil testing

The main focus of the project is demonstrating SoilCares Lab-in-a-Box and its key benefits: faster, more affordable soil testing without the use of chemicals. At the same time, the project raises awareness about the need of soil testing due to differences in soil fertility between and within agricultural fields.

SoilCares wants to emphasize the impact of timely soil testing on crop growth and how it results in an increased agricultural yield. Moreover, SoilCares will demonstrate the accuracy of our technology and its suitability for use on Ukrainian soil types.

Combination of soil analysis and crop monitoring via satellite images

As part of the project, 18 Ukrainian agricultural holdings submitted 180 soil samples that were already analyzed using SoilCares Lab-in-a-Box. In the framework of the project, satellite images are used to monitor crop growth in the sampled areas. This makes it possible for project participants to look into the correlation between soil analysis and crop development. Traditional wet chemistry analysis will also be used for comparing the results.

Field day

SoilCares demonstrated its innovative solutions for soil testing at a field day in Doslidne, Kharkiv region on August, 18th 2017. During the field day participants of the demonstration project they had the opportunity to discuss the first results obtained for their soil samples. The field day also involves presentations about soil and plant diagnostics. Click here for a detailed program and exact event location.

Timing of the project

The demonstration project will continue until the end of September. SoilCares will present preliminary project results in mid-September.