SoilCares and HLB introduce precision agriculture services for soil analysis and monitoring

New technology allows complete soil analysis within two hours without the use of chemicals

Dronten May 31, 2017 – SoilCares (now part of AgroCares), developer of precision agriculture technology and HLB, Agricultural Advisory and Research Institute, introduce two new precision agriculture services. With these services farmers and growers can quickly and affordably, at any time and anywhere, have better soil information and increase yields in a sustainable way.

How does SoilCares technology work?

The sensor technology developed by SoilCares (part of AgroCares) uses a global calibration database. In this database the electromagnetic spectrum of soil samples of a large part of the world is stored together with the chemical characteristics. SoilCares equipment includes infrared (NIR / MIR) and X-ray (XRF) sensor technology, converting the sensor’s calibration data to the chemical characteristics of the soil. This makes it possible to make a complete fertilizer analysis within two hours without the use of chemicals and extraction liquids.

HLB will use this sensor technology for research, diagnosis and advice for improving the soil of farmers and growers. Farmers and growers can take a LiaB service and a Scanner service with them.

An affordable soil analysis within 2 hours with the Lab-in-a-Box service

The LiaB service consists of a service offering different service packages, ranging from sending self-propelled soil samples and a measurement of only nutrients present in the soil to a sampling service including customized fertiliser advice. All soil samples are analysed in the Lab-in-a-Box (LiaB), the SoilCares sensor laboratory. HLB extends the LiaB analyses with a practical and complete advice. The extent of the advice depends on the chosen service package.

Monitor locally during the growing season with the Scanner service

In addition to the LiaB laboratory, SoilCares has developed a handy ground scanner based on this sensor technology. The Scanner service makes it possible to monitor soil fertility during the growing season of the crops. An app on a smartphone displays the bottom status within 10 minutes. This bottom scanner works with a smartphone with associated apps, which are constantly renewed and expanded.

Henri Hekman, CEO and founder of SoilCares: ” HLB is the  perfect partner for the Dutch market. HLB has an extensive network and proven market expertise in the Dutch market. Thanks to their many years of experience, HLB is trusted by the Dutch farming industry. We are therefore convinced that with our technology, many farmers and growers in the Netherlands will benefit from the sustainable increase of their revenues.”

Janny Peltjes, CEO of HLB: “With its innovative precision engineering technology, SoilCares has developed a fast and affordable, transparent method for obtaining better soil information, especially if you compare this to existing methods. We are happy to add this technology to our services. We hope that we will be able to  support farmers and growers even beter with improving their soil with our field expertise. ”


About HLB

HLB is an agricultural advisory and research institute that continuously develops new knowledge in the field of plant and soil health. Through the unique combination of research, diagnosis and advice, HLB has a wealth of data and practical knowledge that translates into practical products and services that provide true added value to customers.

About SoilCares

SoilCares develops innovative precision farming technology for soil, feed and leaf analysis. The company is part of Dutch Sprouts, a developer of affordable technology that allows farmers to generate more revenue. At Soilcares, agricultural experts work with researchers with the aim of making high-quality agricultural knowledge accessible and affordable to farmers and growers. SoilCares does this by giving farmers the technology literally into their hands. SoilCares was founded in 2013 in Wageningen. As of August 2018 SoilCares is part of AgroCares.