SEGES starts pilot project with AgroCares LiaB

SEGES, the largest agricultural knowledge centre in Denmark has started a pilot project with the AgroCares Lab-in-a-Box (LiaB), our onsite sensor laboratory. SEGES decided to do the project to get more insights into how sensor technology for soil testing works. AgroCares has given their staff an intensive training in the past months and the sensor lab in Denmark is now fully operational.

Differences in results

SEGES got interested in a project with AgroCares because they sent soil samples to various wet chemistry labs around Europe and noticed large differences in the results of the soil analyses. This made them look for alternative methods for testing soil samples and they found the AgroCares dry chemistry solution an interesting method. To find out how this works SEGES agreed to set up a pilot project with the AgroCares sensor laboratory (Lab-in-a-Box) in their office in Aarhus in Denmark.

From setting up the LIAB to analysing the first soil samples

The staff of SEGES was trained by two AgroCares trainers during an intensive four-day- training course. They trained four people of the staff on how to use and maintain the Lab-in-a-Box. On the first day of the training the initial installation of the lab took place and on the second day they were informed about the basic operation of the lab. On the third day they  learned more about special features of the LiaB and how to maintain it. On the last day the staff could already start analysing their first samples monitored by our experts.

About the training

The LiaB is simple to operate, no specialized professional education is required, only a four-day training that we provide. We provide these trainings to ensure that our clients can analyse their soil samples properly.

Training experiences

Besides laboratories, there are three groups that benefit from accreditation, perhaps more so than laboratories themselves. These three groups are users of laboratory services, specifiers (private and public bodies that need accurate test data to make appropriate decisions), and the general public.

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