New AgroCares portal offers clients 24/7 insights in their data

AgroCares further extends its services to its clients with the new AgroCares Web Portal. This portal offers our clients 24/7 access to their data and gives the opportunity to manage, follow and spot trends and gain further insights into the nutrient data gathered with the AgroCares Scanner or the AgroCares Lab-in-a-Box for feed and soil analysis.

Key advantages for clients

The portal has a number of key advantages for AgroCares clients. It gives them 24/7 access to all data collected and generated by using the applications for soil and feed analysis. This gives clients excellent opportunities for datamining such as management of historical data, following the performance of advisers and clients and of course trends spotting – local and over time. Clients will furthermore always have digital backups available of all their data.

Dashboard, client overview and order overview

The AgroCares portal consists of three different components: a dashboard, a client overview and an order overview.

The dashboard gives clear insights into all orders made by clients, the main crops grown on the soils analysed by the Scanners and the scan location.

Client overview

This offers a report of all clients making nutrient analyses. It is possible to search for clients, add new clients and edit client information. The scan location of the fields can be viewed per client as well.

Order overview

Via order overview it is possible to filter by ID, the device they were made on and their current status. A report with all data of a defined period of time, for example the last month can be generated and downloaded in a pdf or exported to an excel file.

Henri Hekman, AgroCares CEO: “There is an increasing demand from our clients that work with our agronomical solutions to get more insights in how their clients are doing and crop performance is increasing. Clients want to monitor and analyse the data from the analyses and tests made for their clients. Therefore, we created this new portal. Not only is the AgroCares Web Portal easy to use; it offers them a way to get exactly the insights they are looking for.”

Availability of the Portal

The portal is available for clients who are using Lab-in-a-Box (LiaB) services and for single and multiple scanner users. Clients using one of the branded or customised services and smartphone apps have access to their own portal. AgroCares plans to continuously expand the functionality of the portal further.


Would you like to learn more about the portal? Watch this short video and discover the key benefits of the portal.

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