Precision farming
based on real-time
nutrient intelligence

Worldwide population is increasing and food production has to double to keep up with the growing demand. With AgroCares’ proven technology, farm management can begin to behave like chief operating officers, managing their fields, animals and resources like never before and achieving new levels of productivity. We give agribusinesses opportunities to grow with fewer resources.

Our Revolutionary Products

Measure nutrients and other key parameters in soil, feed and in leaf
with AgroCares' cutting-edge products

Cutting-Edge Data Solutions

At AgroCares we deliver innovative services to contribute to closing the world food gap.
We achieve this with cutting-edge data solutions to measure nutrients and other key parameters in soil, feed and leaf.

New Scanner, new features!

Discover the new AgroCares F Series Scanner, for instant, on-the-spot monitoring of nutrients in soil, feed and leaf.

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