Grupa Azoty to use AgroCares’ precision farming technology to create optimal fertilizer plans

AgroCares, a Dutch supplier of innovative precision farming technology and Grupa Azoty, the largest Polish and the second largest European producer of mineral fertilizers will start using AgroCares’ precision farming technology. Grupa Azoty will use the AgroCares Scanner and the recommendations it provides to create optimal fertilization plans for their clients. Blue Fifty, AgroCares’ partner in Poland signed the agreement with Grupa Azoty, at Tarnów.

Optimal fertilizer plans for Polish growers

The AgroCares Scanner combined with the SoilCares Advisor app provides Grupa Azoty advisors with on the spot insights into the nutrient needs of a field within 10 minutes. Instead of waiting at least a week for lab results, advisors can now easily create the ideal fertilizer plan for the field of their clients. The field representatives of Grupa Azoty will start offering full soil research services from spring 2020. Until then, Grupa Azoty will test the equipment on the farms they visit and learn how to analyse and interpret the results correctly.

Rafał Kądziela, Technology Specialist at Blue Fifty Polska: “The scanner is an innovative device that allows better examination of the nutrient content of the soil. We are pleased that Grupa Azoty will be able to implement this technology in its company as well. We believe that precise agriculture is necessary because this way we can take better care of our soils, and thus the whole environment.”

Viktoriia Sakun, AgroCares Business Manager Europe: “Grupa Azoty is an innovative company. They’ll be among the first companies in Poland to use our precision farming technology. We are convinced that with our solutions Grupa Azoty will be able to optimize their fertilizer plans for the requirements of their farmers. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.”

About Grupa Azoty

Grupa Azoty is a clear leader in Poland and one of the key capital groups in the fertilizer and chemical industry in Europe. The Group is the second largest producer of nitrogenous and multicomponent fertilizers in the European Union, and products such as melamine, caprolactam, polyamide, oxo alcohols, plasticizers and titanium white have an equally strong position in the chemical sector, finding their application in many branches of industry. Grupa Azoty integrates Polish chemistry. The combination of the potentials of the plants in Tarnów, Puławy, Police and Kędzierzyn-Koźle allowed not only to leave the key chemical industry companies in Polish hands, but also to achieve numerous cost synergies. More information about Grupa Azoty can be found here:

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