Get a grip on your daily feed formulation with the FeedCares solution

Did you know that you can have full control over your daily feed ratio by analysing your feed ingredients? It is now possible with the AgroCares Scanner and FeedCares solution. Here is how…  

Feed prices are on the rise and margins are under pressure. As a determinant, increasing feed efficiency while reducing your feed costs have never been that critical before for your positive business result. Although a day-to-day optimized feed formulation is the key to your operation, obtaining insights in your ingredients provides an added value for the economic viability.  

Traditionally, analysing feed materials in the wet chemistry laboratory is labour intensive, costly and time-consuming when it comes to sending the samples to a laboratory. Also, with infrequent feed analysis, it becomes more challenging to achieve your optimal daily feed ratio that is influenced by inherited variation in ingredients.  

In particular, the nutritional value of materials like silages shows considerable variation. For example, a material from one silage pit may vary within the same year and even within the same pit. So, analysing this material once or twice a year would not be enough for an optimized daily ration formulation. Ideally, silage pits should be sampled and analysed at least every month in order to use the results to adjust your formulation and accordingly to feed through the perfect ratio all the time. 

So, what is the role of the FeedCares solution in this cycle? The FeedCares solution allows farmers to analyse raw material or silage composition straight on the farm in a fast and simple way. Our portable Scanner solution makes it possible to analyse the feed ingredients right in the field without the need to send samples away and wait for the results. Instead, the scan of your feed ingredient will be immediately tested and a complete feed analysis report will be sent out to your mobile phone accordingly.  

Imagine you’re working in your field and one day you sense something is wrong… FeedCares solution will allow you to identify the problem right away and improve your feed formulation based on actual data. You can even prepare the best feed formulation for your animals every day with the help of FeedCares. Quick and simple, right? 

Who can say no to improved feed formulation which is built through actual data? So, get a grip on your raw materials and silages composition with FeedCares solution!  

To learn more about FeedCares solutions and its benefits, please click on the link: FeedCares – Smart Farming | Nutrient Testing – AgroCares