Customer Story

Farmer Jeff Chemengen

The story of farmer Jeff Chemengen

Jeff is father of two children and works fulltime on his farm, while his wife works as a teacher. He is a large-scale farmer who has dairy cows and grows food crops. Jeff is also the director of a local dairy milk cooperative. Before having his soil tested, Jeff used a lot of fertilizer but the results were not good. He decided to test his soil to avoid wastage on input and engage in profitable farming

Doubled yield

The report from SoilCares showed his soil’s pH was too acidic. He was advised to lime his field and apply organic manure. After following the recommendations his yields increased immensely. Jeff: “I got more than double the yields, my crops did very well.”

Before doing soil testing, Jeff used to get 15-18 bags of kales per acre in a week. Now he gets double of this and he has even increased the acreage of Kales farming to two and a half. His maize and grass also performed extremely well.

Increased milk production

The crops started growing faster and gave him high yields. He makes silage at home which enables him to feed his cows even during drought seasons. This has seen him double the milk production making him the third largest supplier of milk in the local Dairy.

Jeff: “My animals have increased in production, I am happy. I will always test my soil before planting my crops.”