AgroCares starts selling Applications and Scanner packages online

The webshop provides fast and reliable delivery on a global scale

AgroCares has started selling its applications and Scanner packages in its new webshop. Customers will be able to start working with the packages and applications they need within days, by ordering online from now on.

Available in the web shop

In the AgroCares webshop customers can buy the annual licenses for apps needed to operate the Scanner and various SoilCares and FeedCares packages. The AgroCares Scanner can also be ordered online.

FeedCares packages consist of the handheld AgroCares Scanner and the NutriOpt On-site Adviser Starter app. The packages allow you to measure nutrients in feed and get more insights in your feedstuffs.

SoilCares packages are available for clients that want to test and monitor nutrients in soil. The SoilCares Manager package consists of an AgroCares Scanner and a license for the SoilCares Manager app that presents the soil status.

Several new applications are available such as the SoilCares Adviser Africa package for fertilizers recommendation or the SoilCares Lime package that measures the pH level of soil including a recommendation.

The SoilCares Project Monitor package will give you better insight into the impact of your projects by monitoring the quality of the soil in the region and its improvements over time.

Fast and reliable delivery

The AgroCares web shop is available 24/7. Orders are shipped worldwide via express delivery. Customers in the Netherlands receive their orders within 24 hours after full payment, outside the Netherlands within a few days. All orders will be delivered ex works.

Updated regularly

The web shop will be constantly updated with new applications when launched.

Rob Beens, Managing Director & CCO of AgroCares: “Since our launch in 2017 we experience an increasing demand from companies from all over the world for our solutions. Selling our applications and products online is a perfect way to meet this demand and enables fast and reliable delivery on a global scale. In the past few months our teams have been working hard to launch our webshop in which our packages, licenses for our apps and our Scanner can be bought online. We are proud to announce that our webshop is now live!”


With special discount voucher codes clients can purchase articles on the Webshop with a discount. To celebrate the launch of the webshop, everybody can buy articles on the Webshop until February 1 with a discount of 5%, using the voucher code “Winter2019”.

Where to find the AgroCares web shop?

The web shop is available via a separate URL: