AgroCares partner Csernozjom participates in various roadshows in Hungary

Csernozjom, AgroCares partner and representative in Hungary, participated in several large agricultural roadshows in the past months. A roadshow about soil problems was organized by Yara, Syngenta, Vaderstad, Agrobio, Csernozjom in the cooperation with universities and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Another roadshow – NAKadémia, was organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture. With approximately 100 participants per event, they were very well attended. Overall, the participants showed lots of interest in the AgroCares Scanner and the presentations allowed Csernozjom to really show the added value of the Scanner to farmers.

Attention for local soil problems

Csernozjom participated in 9 events that were held throughout the country. They were organized in various regions to make it easier to give very local advice on soil problems in Hungary. Furthermore, the aim of the roadshows was to convince farmers of the importance of soil sampling and soil analysis, as well as providing them with information regarding the benefits of soil analysis in general.

Working with innovative technology

As a representative of AgroCares in Hungary, Csernozjom presented how to use the AgroCares Scanner in practice and explained the advantages of the sensor technology that is behind it. Farmers were encouraged to bring their soil sample and were given the opportunity to test their soil with the AgroCares Scanner on the spot.  Viktória Dorka-Vona, CEO of Csernozjom about demonstrating the Scanner: ‘’The AgroCares Scanner is an innovative technology. This raised a number of questions about whether the technology is reliable. At the roadshows we were able to answer these questions. As a result, Hungarian farmers understand the technology much better and we now get no more technical questions about the Scanner.’’

Roadshow about soil problems

This year, the roadshows about soil problems were organized in Nyíregyháza, Szarvas, Keszthely and Martonvásár. Viktória Dorka-Vona, CEO of Csernozjom: “In the past few years, Hungarian farmers have been facing enormous changes in weather patterns and in the environment like increasing soil erosion. At the same time market challenges have only increased. This roadshow was initiated to support Hungarian farmers. These events are great opportunity to draw attention to the possible risks of farming in these challenging times and to inform farmers about the solutions and give the right tools into their hands. The AgroCares Scanner is a perfect and very practical tool that can help them solve these problems and therefore it fits perfectly in the program of these roadshows.”

NAKAdémia roadshow

The roadshows organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture were held in five locations: Szombathely, Komárom, Tarcal, Kaposvár and Hajdúböszörmény. During those roadshows,the importance of proper soil sampling, the importance of accurate nutrient management and the ability to maintain and improve soil structure were explained.

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