AgroCares organized its first online Community of Practice Meeting

On March 25th, 2020, AgroCares organized its 3rd annual Community of Practice (CoP) meeting. Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, and the need for self-isolation, the CoP meeting was held online. In total 28 participants joined this online meeting

During the meeting, customers and other stakeholders shared their successes and challenges to learn from each other. Also, new projects were presented that will increase the demand for soil testing in Kenya. CoPs are established in all AgroCares markets and it proofs to be a great way to grow together.

Sharing knowledge and experiences

The goal of the CoP was to introduce partners to both new and current projects to drive the demand in soil testing. The CoP meeting provides for all existing and potential partners and stakeholders, the opportunity to exchange information and share their experiences and knowledge about soil fertility and soil testing. This will allow for further development of their business.

Updates and new opportunities

During the CoP, Chief Agronomist, Christy van Beek, together with our partners and stakeholders discussed how to analyze the soil data they have accumulated over the years. The data can be used in making soil maps, seeing trends in changes of the soil nutrient composition in different regions over the years.

Customers’ needs and wishes

During the CoP, it was brought to the attention that there is a need to make the soil testing services more affordable to farmers in Kenya. This would mean reducing the investment and operational costs involved in running the business. During this meeting, it was noted that the functionality of breaking down the license cost will now be handled by the Kenyan landing partner, Fadhili Africa.

It was also noted that the continuity of projects such as the Kenya market trust project which is highly involved in farmer sensitization programs, is paramount to the continuation of the soil testing initiative.

Next CoP meeting

AgroCares will continue to organize CoP meetings to support our current and future clients. Would you like to attend a CoP meeting in the future? Contact us and we will inform you about our upcoming meetings.