AgroCares joins the Global Soil Laboratory Network

As of February 2020, the AgroCares’ Golden Standard Laboratory and AgroCares’ research team joined the Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN). AgroCares will work with the Global Soil Partnership team of FAO for harmonization of standard protocols in both wet chemistry and spectroscopic soil analyses.

The AgroCares Laboratory Team will work closely with the Global Soil Laboratory Network

The Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) facilitates networking and capacity development through cooperation and information sharing between soil laboratories.

The main objectives of the network are:

1. Make soil information across laboratories, countries, and regions comparable and interpretable;

2. Build a set of agreed harmonization principles;

3. Improve quality assurance and control (QA/QC) of soil analyses;

4. Promote information and experience exchange.

AgroCares Research Team works on global harmonization of Spectroscopy and ISO certification

Mila Luleva, Head of Research at Agrocares is now part of the GLOSOLAN Spectroscopy Working Group led by ICRAF, ISCRIC and USDA. It consists of around 20 members who are asked to review and contribute to documents and to be ambassadors of soil spectroscopy. The group generates harmonization of efforts towards building global capacity, providing a global calibration library and tools to further operationalize soil spectroscopy.

On top of this, a new initiative to formulate an ISO certification for soil spectral measurements was agreed upon at the WorldSoil meeting in ESRIN in July 2019. The IEEE Standard Board led by Prof. Eyal Ben-Dor from the University of Tel Aviv approved the proposal, which means the ISO document will be developed within two years. The kickoff meeting of the working group will take place during the upcoming EGU Congress in May 2020.


We are excited to share our expertise in soil spectroscopy and contribute towards the acceptance of the technique worldwide.

Mila Luleva
Head of Research – AgroCares