AgroCares introduces the new Carbon Monitor Solution!

In our commitment to delivering comprehensive results for long-term carbon programs to our valued customers and partners, we developed a new Carbon Monitor Solution. It utilizes the power of the scientific and peer-reviewed SoilCASTOR method, developed by NMI-agro Wageningen, AgroCares and Wageningen University.

This method consists of robust global carbon model which incorporates satellite data, existing proprietary soil measurements (n>250,000), and advanced deep learning algorithms. It provides soil stratification that minimizes the number of samples needed for rapid soil scanning. After measurements are complete the approach yields the carbon stocks in metric tons CO2 equivalent per hectare at a 10*10 meter resolution. This approach aligns to Verra certification requirements and GHG Protocol guidelines.

The SoilCASTOR method forms the core of our new Carbon Monitor Solution, designed to offer a fast, reliable, and cost-effective means of measuring and monitoring soil organic carbon stocks for agricultural farms.

Mobile Application combined with the AgroCares Scanner and Portal

The Carbon Monitor Solution now features a fresh mobile app design, enabling users to swiftly and conveniently view sampling locations, take on-the-spot soil measurements, and seamlessly access the user-friendly AgroCares web portal for activities like carbon project registration, uploading field boundaries, generating sampling locations, and reviewing measurement results along with the total carbon stocks for each project.

New window of opportunities

The Carbon Monitor Solution stands out for its uniqueness. It is among the pioneering cost-effective solutions adhering to among others Verra’s VM0042 methodology on Improved Agricultural Land Management, and it goes beyond solely concentrating on carbon measurement. The AgroCares Scanner Solution, for instance, utilizes the same handheld Scanner to analyse soil, feed, and leaf samples, providing users with additional benefits beyond their engagement in carbon programs.

From intuition-based farming to fact-based farming

"With this new AgroCares solution we strive the optimal balance between scientific robustness and cost-effectiveness. It opens up new opportunities not only for carbon credit projects but also for Scope 3 emission reduction interventions in agricultural supply chains “

Dr. Tessa van der Voort, Soil Carbon Scientist (NMI-agro Wageningen)

How does AgroCares technology work?

AgroCares employs sensor technology that utilizes a global calibration database, wherein the electromagnetic spectra of soil samples from various regions worldwide are stored alongside their chemical properties. The AgroCares Scanner utilizes infrared (NIR) sensor technology to translate the calibration data of the sensor into the chemical characteristics of the soil. This Scanner is compatible with smartphones and associated apps, which are regularly updated and enhanced.

Additionally, AgroCares has developed an in-house global soil database, containing approximately 24,000 unique calibration soil samples measured in the Golden Standard reference laboratory. This extensive database serves the purpose of determining not only carbon content but also various other soil nutrients.

Interested in a demo?

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