AgroCares introduces SoilCares Adviser Europe app

The new SoilCares Adviser app combined with the AgroCares Scanner provides on the spot insights into the nutrient needs of a field within 10 minutes. With the nutrient needs report, advisors can easily calculate the ideal fertilizer blend for the field of their farmer. This allows them to start improving soil health and increase yields right away.

Application combined with the AgroCares Scanner

The application is the successor of the SoilCares Manager that provides an analysis of key soil parametersThe new SoilCares Adviser Europe app measures pH, N, P & K level, soil structure and gives advice on the required nutrients depending on the crop and target yield. This makes it much easier to calculate fertilization advice. The report can easily be extracted and shared, for example via WhatsApp.

New window of opportunities

AgroCares solutions are unique in the world: in the field, real-time soil testing and receiving actual nutrient needs is not provided by any other company. This very new way of collecting soil data and providing advice opens a whole new world of opportunities. AgroCares Scanner solutions can for example be used to instantly check soil quality before deciding to acquire new land, to assess the ideal land use or to monitor soil fertility developments in a field during seasons and on specific spots.

From intuition-based farming to fact-based farming

Martin Dekker, AgroCares Business Manager Europe: “With this new application AgroCares is taking the next step in the transition from intuition-based to fact-based farming. By giving advisors insights into the actual nutrient needs of the fields of their farmers, they can give their farmers an even better fact-based advice. We are convinced that companies in Ukraine, Hungary and Poland are ready to start improving their soil health with this new digital farming solution.”

How does AgroCares technology work?

The sensor technology developed by AgroCares uses a global calibration database. In this database the electromagnetic spectrum of soil samples of a large part of the world is stored together with the chemical characteristics. AgroCares Scanner uses infrared (NIR) sensor technology, converting the sensor’s calibration data to the chemical characteristics of the soil. This Scanner works with a smartphone with associated apps, which are constantly renewed and expanded.

Pricing & Availability

The AgroCares Adviser Europe app can be bought as a package or separately in the AgroCares webshop. The Adviser Europe package consists of an AgroCares Scanner combined with a one-year license for the AgroCares Adviser app and costs 5200 euro. The price for a one-year license of the SoilCares Adviser Europe app is 2200 euro. The app is available for Android and iOS devices in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine.

Interested in a demo?

Are you from Poland, Hungary or Ukraine and interested in getting a demonstration of AgroCares Scanner and SoilCares Adviser app? Contact us now!