AgroCares featured in the February issue of Computable Magazine

Data revolution in soil testing

AgroCares is featured in the February issue of Computable Magazine– a leading Dutch magazine in the field of ICT. The article titled “Data Revolution in Soil Testing” explains how AgroCares technology contributes to the digitalization and data revolution in agriculture. Thanks to AgroCares products and services, farmers no longer make decisions based on intuition but  based on real-time facts and data.

15,000 soil samples

The article also outlines how AgroCares developed the soil calibration database. Computable: “AgroCares collected more than 15000 soil samples, analyzed them and added them to a self-learning database. With the help of algorithms, the measurements made with AgroCares Scanner or Lab-in-a-Box are compared to the data already present in the database. As a result, the nutrients in the scanned soil or feed sample can be determined.”

The future of AgroCares

Computable interviewed Angelique van Helvoort, Head of Marketing and Communications at AgroCares, about the future of the company: “It is now possible to perform on-the-spot soil analysis (with AgroCares Scanner), however, in the future AgroCares wishes to make on-the-go nutrient testing possible by combining AgroCares technology with the agricultural equipment that is used to work the land.

Want to read the whole article?

The whole article is available (in Dutch) in the February issue of Computable Magazine. You can also read it here.