AgroCares & Blue Fifty organize a Roadshow in Poland

In the past month AgroCares partner Blue Fifty, a provider of solutions for challenges in water management, soil and energy has organized a roadshow in Poland. The roadshow was organized because Blue Fifty and AgroCares noticed an increasing demand in the Polish market for soil testing.

25 organizations

Blue Fifty and AgroCares visited 25 different organizations together ranging from input suppliers to regional dealers, governmental labs and agricultural consultancies. The main aim of the roadshow was to demonstrate the precision farming technology that AgroCares has developed and to discuss how organizations can offer AgroCares solutions as an additional service to their clients.

Testing & monitoring soil increases yields

Hubert Herbus, Project Development Manager at Blue Fifty: “We see and increasing interest in soil fertility in Poland. Service providers and farmers seem to realize more and more that testing and monitoring soil is important. AgroCares provides perfect solutions to do this. Their AgroCares Scanner allows better nutrient application at the right time and location resulting in cost reduction for applying fertilizers, healthy crop development and ultimately higher yields. We are very happy with the enthusiastic response from various organizations that we received. ”

Seeing is believing

Martin Dekker, International Business Manager at AgroCares: “Seeing is believing. This especially goes for new technology. During our road trip in Poland we were able to show our Scanner and Lab-in-a-Box. By demonstrating our products to potential customers, they really understand how practical and easy to use our services actually are. It is great to see their enthusiasm about our solutions and we hope to get even more Polish organizations interested in the upcoming months.”

Are you interested in a visit from AgroCares and Blue Fifty?

Blue Fifty and AgroCares will continue to visit organizations that are interested in precision farming technology by AgroCares. Is your organization interested in a demo of the AgroCares Scanner or Lab-in-a-box, please contact us via or in Poland via