AgroCares announces iOS compatibility

AgroCares announces iOS compatibility for the AgroCares Scanner and mobile applications. All apps that are developed from now on will be available in the App store and in the Google Play store. This enables both clients with an Android phone and with an iPhone to test nutrients with their AgroCares Scanner.

Henri Hekman, AgroCares CEO: “Our customers working with the Scanner have been asking for applications to be available via the App store for a long time. We have listened to them and are happy to announce that from now on all our applications will be available both in the Apple store and in the Google Play Store. This enables even more clients from all over the world to use our precision farming solutions.”

iOS compatibility for AgroCares Scanner

All AgroCares Scanners that will be shipped from now on will be suitable for the iOS and Android operating system.

Upgrade your Scanner to iOS

AgroCares also enables clients that have an AgroCares Scanner from the E-series to switch to iOS. Clients can check if they have a Scanner from this series by checking the serial number on the side of the Scanner. Scanners that have and E  in their serial number, looking like: SC0123E or SC_123E, can switch to iOS. These clients need to contact AgroCares support ( for a firmware update. The update can be performed remotely.